Introductory Website Pricing

The investment in some ventures can be steep, especially when promoting your business to the public.  Your startup and ongoing expenses must fit within a well-planned budget for any hope of success.  Some digital marketing companies, however, charge a website design fee, a monthly hosting fee, annual fees, and others that you learn about after you've been sold.  The investments below are introductory prices that are charged only one time per website, and they include training on the process so that you can manage it yourself.    

Basic Website Pricing with Included Features for $249.99
Optional Add-Ons for $199.99
Real Estate Agent Add On for $249.99
Other Digital Services Added for $99.99 each
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Plan for Annual Expenses

All webmasters incur some annual expenses, but they are usually affordable.  Your website domain name and any add-ons outside of those already installed will likely incur an annual fee to the provider.  Most of them are completely optional, but the one for the domain name is usually due annually, or longer depending on your preference.

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