Privacy Policy


A real person operates as Web Design for Leads, a consumer who is just as concerned about privacy as you, and I respect the privacy of my visitors. This website protects shared visitor information through the use of encryption and it does not intentionally add cookies or any other data collection tools to any visiting devices. Consumers with concerns about cookies should consider removing them after visiting this site and any third-party sites accessed here.

Types of Data Collected

Names, email addresses, comments, property addresses, and phone numbers are collected at this site when provided by the visitor.

How Collected Data is Used

Web Design for Leads collects consumer information when provided through the "Contact Us" page.  Names, comments, street, and email addresses will be used only for the purpose that you, the provider, expressly intended while phone numbers are used only when visitors request a call.  I do not send junk email, or engage in telemarketing, or use automated dialers.  

Other non-personal, general information is captured through Google Analytics for site traffic analysis and search engine optimization that includes visitor behavior, demographics, geography, device use, and referring sites. Those with concerns should become familiar with the privacy policies at Google Sites, Google Analytics, and any other third-party site accessed through