Direct Mail

Gain Awareness through Direct Mail

Organizations of all ages and sizes often build awareness of new offerings by promoting them offline with links to pages of their websites.  The options for offline advertising in Gwinnett County, however, are limited to tasteless signs cluttering our roadways, free-standing inserts, magazines, and monthly coupon envelopes containing several ads that are all easily tossed right along the promoted value proposition.  Call Web Design for Leads to execute a well-planned direct mail campaign that includes a beautiful mailer promptly arriving at the intended destination, grabbing attention, and encouraging the reader to respond positively to your call to action.

A postcard being held up near a mailbox featuring text and a toddler brushing her teeth.

Direct Mail with Web Design for Leads makes it easy and affordable to test an ad.

A person with red hair holding up a post card advertising buy one get one free toner in Downtown Norcross, GA

Maintain More Control over Your Advertising Budget 

Mass marketing may be the right tactic for a higher return on investment, but it can also be ineffective and otherwise risky.  Money spent on ads that didn't meet expectations is simply gone and must be recaptured by some other means to remain open.  Web Design for Leads can direct your graphically designed mailers to a pre-defined target area, such as a neighborhood, or high school cluster, allowing you to test an offer with only those residents.     

Please call for an Estimate to Execute a Mail Campaign today.

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